Investing In Orlando Commercial Real Estate

photo of Orlando Commercial Real Estate Commercial real estate involves property, either land or buildings, which are used to generate a financial profit. There are many different types of commercial properties, which can be used for residential or business purposes. Many cities and towns have strict zoning laws in place that limit the location of commercial retail properties. Zoning laws are designed to create a separation between residential and commercial areas.


Investing in Orlando Commercial Real Estate

The people who would like to invest in Orlando commercial real estate can easily search the Internet for numerous web sites that offer great information, tips and trends about lease options. This information can be all important before buying an asset that is bound to increase in value based on current real estate trends that point to commercial real estate being something that always appreciates.  In addition, the term commercial real estate is really an umbrella term today for a wide variety of properties that fall in to different categories.  There are typically six different categories that a commercial real estate property will fall into.


Orlando Leisure and Hospitality Real Estate

Properties that fall under the category of leisure and hospitality include hotels, motels, hostels, restaurants, and cafes. These properties are typically outfitted with certain amenities and equipment that make them suitable for food preparation and storage, in the case of restaurants and cafes. Multiple rooms with bathrooms and sufficient plumbing make a property suitable for use as a hotel or motel. Many leisure properties are conveniently located in close proximity to retail properties. The convenience that it offers helps to create more business for retailers, restaurants, and hotels and motels because patrons can easily go from one business to the next.


Multi-tenant Office Buildings


Office spaces can vary in size, from large buildings housed by a single company or business, to buildings which contain offices for several different companies or businesses. It also includes complexes of buildings that have been designed and built for the purposes of housing many offices. Offices that are grouped together and have a single owner are considered commercial real estate because the owner is able to collect rental fees for the property, often generating a decent profit.




Retail properties can range in size from small local retail stores, to big box chain stores, to large shopping malls and outdoor shopping centers. Commercial retail property may include many smaller stores and businesses or just a single retailer. Retail properties with multiple buildings can be especially lucrative because each space can be rented out to various tenants. Shopping centers can include restaurants, cafes, and retail stores.




Healthcare properties include hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. Properties that are suitable for healthcare and medical-related facilities come equipped with specific necessary fittings and structural elements. They tend to be large in size, especially hospitals, nursing homes, and rehab centers which are designed to accommodate many people in the location at one time.




Industrial properties may be used for the purposes of manufacturing, storage, or warehousing. These properties can be used as warehouse and distribution centers for companies and businesses dealing with the selling of products and goods. Commercial garages are also considered industrial real estate, as they can be rented out to mechanics and automobile or vehicle service providers.


Multi-Family Apartments


Multi-family housing buildings contain apartments which are used as rental properties. It can also include duplexes and condominiums. Residential rentals fall under the category of commercial real estate because they generate a profit for the owners. Apartment buildings are considered a good investment because they can bring in a lot of money for owners and they can be found in cities and suburbs all over.


Commercial real estate management


While owning commercial estate is viewed as a solid investment even during these uncertain financial times in the U.S., there is the issue of managing these properties so there will be expected profits.  For example, a commercial property owner commenting online said he lost money the first year he invested in an apartment building because he did not have proper management to take care of collecting the rent, making needed repairs and the general control and care of the building he owned.  In turn, the owner found a great property management web site that helped him generate the profits that he expected from the purchase of this investment property.


Also, the owner explained how a good commercial real estate management company offers peace of mind because property managers take care of the business end of things for you. Overall, the real value of an ownership interest in commercial property is linked to terms such as investment and income property because the intent is to generate profits while also helping owners qualify for borrowing and tax purposes.


This is a fact that you are not likely to forget, because commercial real estate offers a great variety of benefits that include appreciation, tax deductions, cash flow and borrowing equity.  In fact, the value of an ownership in commercial property is something that can’t be completely measured because such there’s such a great variety of property examples.  For instance, there’s leisure, retail, office and industrial commercial property that have values that tend to grow over time.  A list of  Orlando Commercial properties that are for sale can be found here.