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Commercial lull: Orlando builders slow down in October

From Orlando Business Journal – Nov 25, 2013 Jim Carchidi Central Florida commercial construction values fell in October, but residential values were up significantly. Anjali Fluker, Senior Staff Writer- Orlando Business Journal After several strong months, metro Orlando’s commercial construction values were down 32 percent in October when compared to the previous year, according to […]

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SNDA Basics for Commercial Lenders … Why sign one?

For two consecutive days I’ve advised different clients, both commercial lenders, on exactly the same issue:  An existing lender holds a mortgage on commercial property and a new tenant requests that the lender execute a Subordination and Non-Disturbance Agreement (an “SNDA”).  Here’s my basic answer to each of them:   SNDAs are used to modify […]

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Due Diligence – Survey Review

In a previous post in this series on “Due Diligence” I explained, generally, the types of physical investigations a buyer of commercial real estate should undertake to learn more about the property he or she is buying. In another, I explained the format and content of a typical title insurance commitment and the basic process of the legal investigation of […]

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2014 Florida Trend Legal Elite

Voting for the 2014 Florida Trend Legal Elite is underway. If you are a Florida attorney, please vote here:  http://lnkd.in/bBgwFTV

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Contracts, Leases, Easements and Legal Stuff in general: Attorney review, first! Sign, second. Not vice versa!!

From time to time I’m going to post quick thoughts as they occur to me that I think are worth saying, and worth repeating, perhaps over and over, because as events happen throughout the day here in the law office I’m continually reminded of general rules that seem basic to attorneys yet aren’t understood by non-attorney folk, even those who, although they’re very smart, maybe even well educated, are just […]

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Due Diligence – Title Review

In my last post I provided a broad overview of the types of things you should investigate during your due diligence period as the buyer under a commercial real estate contract. Now I’d like to start breaking that down into more specific topics. Typically, the due diligence to be performed can be broken down into at least […]

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Due Diligence in Florida Commercial Real Estate


What you should actually be doing during a due diligence period. As a potential Buyer of Florida commercial real estate, you know that you should include a “due diligence” period in your contract so you can analyze the condition of the property and its adequacy and feasibility for your intended use. But you may have […]

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Real Estate Title Insurance


Who usually pays for title insurance?  and …   Who picks the closing/title agent?  As an Orlando Real Estate Lawyer, these are two of the most common questions I get from Buyers and Sellers during contract negotiations.  This is how I usually explain it: Homeowner’s Title Insurance In residential transactions, the Seller almost always pays for […]

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Reps and Warranties in Orlando Real Estate Contracts


What are Reps and warranties in real estate contracts The “Reps and Warranties,” as they’re commonly referred to, are a more important part of a commercial real estate contract than most Buyers and Sellers realize. Many Buyers and Sellers regard the reps and warranties merely as part of the “boilerplate” legalese inserted by attorneys (a) […]

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Exclusive Use and Non-Compete Clauses in Commercial Leases

Picture of a commercial lease signing

Orlando Real Estate Lawyer Offers Caution When Using Exclusive Use Clauses Whether you’re a shopping center landlord or a would-be commercial tenant, consider – but use caution – adding an “exclusive use” clause or a “non-compete” clause to your commercial property lease in Orlando. These terms are sometimes used interchangeably but make more sense to […]

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